What fun…

We recently had the chance to photograph grand daughter #1, Katelyn, for her high school senior photos.  Good grief… how did those years go by so quickly?   Baby… blink, blink… adult.  Amazing.

I’m going to put aside the grandfather right to bias and objectively state that Katelyn is a beautiful young lady.  Over time we’ve taken photos of her as she grew up.  There was a time that the last thing she wanted to see was a camera-toting grandfather.  My digital files of her in middle school are a bit sparse.  So, when we were presented the opportunity to photograph her milestone senior year we jumped on it.  Actually, we’ve had 3 recent opportunities to make pictures of her.  First in June this year when we were all together in Bozeman.  Katelyn surprised me by asking to be photographed.  Gulp, swallow, smile… yeah, we can certainly do that.  Then the request to shoot her high school senior photos.  Absolutely we can do that.  That shoot produced a lot of really nice images of her but she asked to have another shoot done to provide some other settings and pose options.  I was not about to say “no” to another opportunity to get photos of this wonderful young lady.

The photo below is the one that Katelyn selected for yearbook use.  I have to say that it is definitely one of our favorite shots as well.  Good selection Katelyn.  We’re proud of you and honored that you allowed us to make photos of you as you look forward to graduation and a wonderful future.  More to come….


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