My friends Deigh and Eric have recently posted photos of Morning Glories and dahlias and their images encouraged me to get the freshly cleaned camera out of the bag and go the back yard before the serious rains begin.  Years ago another friend gave us a clump of Japanese anenome that has filled in a corner of our yard and has produced beautiful blooms each year.  At this point the stems are laying low to the ground and I almost mowed them off yesterday… stopped only by a nagging thought that I had not taken any photos of them this year.  So, knowing that time is limited before the blooms are totally gone I ventured out.

The first attempt was fairly traditional… line up a bloom and shoot.  I have to work my way into a photo session so the first few frames are usually a mind, attitude and technical stretching session.  I was pleased to see this little insect fly in and probe around slowly looking for one more meal before winter.

Then I looked around for something different.  A cluster of horizontal stems showed the backside of a couple of blooms and a few buds.  I admit that I’ve never paid much attention to the underside of the blossoms and found them pretty captivating.  I actually like the underside as much or more than the action side of the bloom.

So, I moved in closer and shot several angles of the smaller bloom near the top of the above image.  This last image is my favorite of the collection.  I’m reminded to stay alert to different views, to turn around and look behind and to wait until you are sure the opportunities are gone before leaving.  I enjoyed kneeling there waiting for the breeze to stop and for the bloom to stand still.  The wait gave me time to enjoy the flower and the act of recording it.

As always, you can click on an image above to get a larger view.


One thought on “Encouragement

  1. The shadow detail from the “hair” on the back of the flower is so interesting, and that first image looks so pretty itself, but the bug is a nice accenting detail.

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