Fall frolic

I got to spend yesterday in the Santiam River watershed shooting some project work for the US Forest Service. Since I had the camera along and since the fall colors were popping and since I was in charge of my own time and since there was a waterfall I’d never seen… well, you get the idea. I was not the only one out with a camera and I bet this weekend will be an overload of “leafers” in the canyoon. It was the best I’ve ever seen.


3 thoughts on “Fall frolic

  1. Very nice, Bruce. Hey, where are the dead fish under Parrish Bridge? O.K., maybe this is not the approprite venue.

    But seriously, are you allowed to release the before and after shots on Parrish and Big Meadows or does the region want them first? It would be nice to do a show ‘n shine report with really good before and afters. Let us know. Glad you enjoyed the day. J

  2. Gooch Falls – gorgeous – that was one we missed on one of the trips back from the PH. Glad you went over there. I ran into a fellow photographer this morning on the McKenzie and he, like you, thought it was the best color season up there that he had seen in some years. I agree.

  3. Bruce, Dave Halemeier shared your link with me – beautiful…and nice to have a little connection with you again. I’d love to forward this to our local tourism folks – they would love to post it….care to share? – Jude McHugh

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