A fun night out…

We all know that it is harder and harder to find a photo that hasn’t been done before…. “after the first artist, only the copyist”.  Well, such is life.  I’ve wanted to get a shot of the Marquam Bridge at night for some time and my friend Eric kicked a plan into gear by saying “I’m in” when I asked if he wanted to shoot from OHSU tonight.  I give Eric a lot of credit for opening my brain quite a bit…. he’s always looking for new angles and perspectives.  I like his energy and spending time with him is always fun.  It still amazes me that our friendship grew out of a casual encounter at Pittock Mansion one sunset eve.  Had it not been for that situation I’m confident that I’d have missed out on our friendship all together.

We drove to OHSU and tried to figure out where to go for “the shot”.  We eventually settled in on the upper tram tower… vibrations and all.  Those trams come and go frequently and we were both trying to time 20-30 second exposures in the short… oh so short… calm times when the tram was docked.  Even the people walking along created vibration.

So, it is with a certain amount of smugness that I offer you one image from tonight.  Sharp I believe.  Oh yeah… Eric… they’re signal lights on the bridge… duh!


2 thoughts on “A fun night out…

  1. While I’m flattered, I still think post is excellent Bruce. Thanks for the kind words, and I’ll add that I have learned so much in such a short period of time from you. As I’m culling through my photos from this evening, this image sure looks to have so much more dynamic range than do any of mine. That, and your starbursts are so, so sharp! A really pretty shot!

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