Color and starbursts

Here are two more images from last night’s session.  Both of these were taken from the upper tram tower at OHSU during the short period in which a tram is docked and the platform is about as still as it can get.

I know that my friend Eric favors starburst effects created when a lens is stopped down quite a bit.  In past night time excursions with him I’ve tended to shoot with a Nikon 28-300 lens.  While the lens is extremely versatile and sharp it produces soft starburst patterns… read that “disappointing”.  Last night I shot with 70-200 and learned that it produces marvelous starbursts when stopped down between f/14 and f/22. Both of the images below have multiple starbursts that are tack sharp and multi-faceted… read that “pleasing”.

Both images have been processed using Nik Color Effects Pro.  Using the ‘Detail Extractor’ brings out hidden details in the shadows of both scenes.  Using ‘Tonal Contrast’ adds clarity and depth to the images. The effect may not be to everyone’s liking but I think the images are pleasing.  As always, click on the images for a larger view.

Bridge City - Portland, Oregon


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