The Gift

It’s the Holiday Season and having a tendency to be a bit of a curmudgeon I can easily fall into a funk about the commercialization and over-hyped marketing.  I tend to forget about the true sense of giving and loving the truly beautiful things that surround me. Well, I got a gift last night that will forever remind me of what a wonderful thing life – new life – is and can be.

Photography is a passport into people’s lives with a responsibility to add value in a way that only a preserved moment can.  Readers of this blog have heard of Eric and Traci as friends who we met by happenstance while at Pittock Mansion and enjoying the sunset view of the city of Portland. As we photographed the city Eric and Traci arrived beside us and began to do the same thing. The camera became our entry point for what has matured into a great friendship with a couple who are younger than our kids.  Go figure.

We were fortunate to be able to re-photograph some wedding images for Eric and Traci. It was fitting that we selected Pittock Mansion as the venue for these shots.

Since that time Eric and I have spent quite a few hours together in a vehicle at Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge photographing birds.  We’ve branched out with evening shots of the city, night shots of the bridges in Portland and a variety of other settings.  Always a camera and always great discussions of things digital and geeky.  T’was Eric who salvaged all our personal image files when our hard disk crashed. Yes, friendships are good things and just looking at the smiles on these faces reminds me of the many joys we’ve had as the result of friendships.  I could show a number of photos of friends who have all contributed to our quality and diversity of life.  You know who you are.  Thanks.

But last night Eric and Traci gave us a gift.  Arthur James Vogt was born December 16 and we knew that we are on call to take a set of baby pictures when he was ready.  Both Eric and Traci are accomplished photographers and Traci is known as “the baby whisperer” around their house. They have taken some wonderful images of babies for friends and could easily have set up and taken their own baby photos.  Last night they invited us in once again and we were glad for the chance.

Traci was dead tired and Eric was totally smitten by his son. They both worked with us for a couple of hours as we put Arthur through the paces of his first studio shoot. The little guy did really well. What a gift.  Friendship and new life.  I’m feeling pretty good about the Holiday Season right now. Thanks Eric and Traci.


3 thoughts on “The Gift

  1. Oh wow Bruce! The photo of Eric and Traci is perfection. Perfect exposure on her dress to bring out all its beauty. Arthur’s picture is just wonderful, too! Elegant photography for sure! Well done, sir!

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