Sitting in high cotton

I stopped by the office of my insurance agent today to thank Katherine for saving us some money by suggesting that we request a re-rate.  This suggestion came to me out of the blue and ended up saving us money.  Talk about good customer service!  As I was leaving she told me to look at the cottoneaster bush across the parking lot.  She knows I have a thing for birds.  The hedge was swarmed with robins.  OK, robins aren’t exactly the most exotic bird but I did not have any shots of merit in my catalog so I decided to see about filling that void.  Of course, the birds are feasting on red berries right now and are probably a bit tipsy from the vast quantity they ingest.  The light was too bright I think… can you ever please me?  Anyway, I set up in the parking lot and spent about 45 minutes watching and shooting these birds.  Trying to catch them with a berry in the mouth was harder than it might look. Fun to try though.


2 thoughts on “Sitting in high cotton

  1. Hey, Bruce, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having wonder at the beauty of birds we might consider common. One of my absolute favorites is close up looks at the fine feathering of female mallards! …and what’s not to love about spotted towhees!

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