I am going to participate in a “macro photo” shoot at a local club tonight.  It’s nothing real special… just a chance to get together and do some shooting with some friends.  All of us will use a macro lens of one sort or another.  To prepare for the shoot I started thinking about a way to add a bit of novelty to the shoot.   We meet in a fairly dark restaurant that is closed to the public and I do not expect a lot of light to be hanging around just to be used for our subjects.  I wondered about using the iPad and iPhone as a light source since they will be with me anyway.  I downloaded a couple of apps and set out to experiment.

To create this shot I bought some citrus and sliced them apart to get fairly thin slices.  I laid the slices on top of the iPad and used a flashlight app that allows me to change the color of the background light source.  I suspected that I wanted a background color that would contrast with the warmer colors of the fruit so I dialed in what I think of as blue.  I put the camera on a tripod and exposed for daylight.  First shot reminded me that the glossy surface of the iPad   created all sorts of reflections of anything above the camera.  Putting a piece of black foam core board above the camera eliminated the chaff.  I tried several different colors of background but like this one best.

And, yes, I ate the fruit when done.  I also decided to NOT do this at the club meeting tonight but I will be using the iPad and iPhone as light sources for what I do shoot.  Stay tuned.


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