Loving spring

Our shamrock is experiencing a phase of luxuriant growth and blossoming.  It has given me many hours of pondering, shooting and playing with the varied blossoms that pop up and which last about 1 – 1.5 weeks.  The other day I set the camera up and started it on the task of taking a photo every 15 seconds as a group of blooms opened up…. or were supposed to.  Turns out it was too cloudy and dull to really get the blossoms to expand as anticipated.  I took 2600 files and made a small movie.  If you’re interested you can find the 1.5 minute production here.  Be gentle with me, please…. I know it isn’t real exciting or necessarily well done.  Ya’ll know that I learn by doing…over and over and over it seems.


I’ve been reading another book about nature photography and was impressed with the author’s presentation of blossoms against a white background.  My first thought was that he was cutting them out and compositing them in a Photoshop file.  Turns out that the “on white” product is actually done in the field and totally in-camera.  It’s all about a white background and light thereon.  I don’t have the plexiglass that he uses in the field but I can sure make a white background using a small softbox and a speedlight.  I’m pretty content with this collection of images of our shamrock.  A few technical issues but overall the technique will get used quite a bit as spring brings blossoms to the Cascades.  It will, won’t it?  Please!

Our bleeding hearts are getting ready for their annual posing session.  I’ve done black and green backgrounds in the past.  This year will see some white as well.


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