I just returned from downtown Portland where I walked around while Dianne and a friend did a 12 mile training run on the waterfront.  I’m testing a pack for the trip to Iceland so the camera came along for the outing.  I wandered across the Hawthorne Bridge and into downtown.  Then, after a leisurely coffee I headed into Saturday Market and across the Steel Bridge to the Eastside Esplanade and then south to the car and to meet Di and Audrey.

I think it is interesting that my friend Deigh posted a blog entry today titled “A Colorful World”.  It’s an interesting combination of chard and crayons to emphasize color.  His post takes on more interest to me since the one place that I stopped to purposefully take a picture was at the east end of the Steel Bridge where a tanker is tied off to take on grain.  Whoa…. what a color explosion on the bow of this boat.  I couldn’t help myself.

Click on the image below to see a larger version.

Other than some contrast adjustment and some sharpening, this is the image straight out of camera.  The colors were intense.  I don’t know exactly what the colors are but I do know that I love the mix of cool and warm, the textures and varied patterns.  A rather fun find I think.



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