Eastside Esplanade

My thanks to everyone who commented on the post “Color”.  I never know what is going to elicit some sort of response and this one surprised me a bit.  Encouraged by the feedback I went back down to the Esplanade to shoot the rust patterns with more deliberate purpose and with a tripod to help get sharp images.  Anyone who has ever stood on the path that runs along the bottom of the Steel Bridge knows that vibrations and movement are more common than calm.  I think it is probably possible to categorize runners into broad categories like “heavy footed clompers” or “I may be heavy but you can’t feel me run by”.  Pretty amazing to see how some folks just never created a vibration and others set the whole bridge swaying from a great distance.  Even some light people create big vibrations.  That has to be running style and I don’t envy their joints in the future years. But I digress.  It’s just that timing shots to minimize vibrations from runners, bikers and the procession of trains and buses and cars crossing the bridge meant that I had a lot of time to just stand there and observe.  Hence my unscientific survey of “clompers” and “feathers”.

I shot the front of the boat from as many angles as I could.  It has an amazing array of patterns across the bow and the side of the ship.  I tried to find compositions that emphasize color patterns and textures. We’ll see how these pass the initial screening here at home before I post any online.

I also shot the bridge beams with their rust and rivet patterns.  Very different stuff really and I kind of enjoyed watching people try to figure out what the heck I was doing.  Lots of strange looks but only a couple of people actually stopped to talk or ask questions.

On my way back to the car I found an interesting view of the city across the river.  For now that view will be the only image posted to the blog.  More to come if they pass the test of processing and edits by a trusted editor.


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