Time is short. So was the hike

A week from today we will be airborne enroute to Iceland.  Let the games begin.  This week is all about final prep… getting the last gear, measuring and weighing suitcases and carryon bags.  Iceland Air does an interesting thing… tickets purchased before April 1 this year are encumbered by a carryon weight limit of 13 lbs.  After that date you not only get to carry on two items but they can weigh more.  Go figure.  I’ll be wearing my Scottevest so I can put a lens or some gear in the pockets as I board.  I know everything fits in the pack but it will be over weight.  No worries.  Just a curious demarcation by the airlines.

We had an appointment in Gresham at 1:00 this afternoon so we set out for a favorite hike of about 4 miles… Tunnel Falls on Oneonta Creek and Ponytail Falls on Horsetail Creek.  I’m still learning about the adjustments needed when using the 10 stop ND filter but I really do love the effect it creates.  I really want to get some dull light and time to play with 4-10 minute exposures rather than the 30 seconds I’ve been limiting myself to lately.

Two shots from today.  The next waterfall you see on this blog will likely be in Iceland.  We’re ready to get there!


One thought on “Time is short. So was the hike

  1. Are you planning to take some shorter shutter speed stuff in addition to the “let’s see how patient my wife is” long exposures? I can’t wait to see the work this trip yields!

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