July 14 – Day 1

We made it to Iceland without any problems….. and without any sleep.  It’s interesting how you can see your plane’s location on the little GPS display screen on the seat in front of you.  I watched a display of daylight/night and watched the plane skirt the edge of darkness but never enter.  I sat on the sun side of the plane and had the shade down almost all the time just to keep from frying.  Long and short though is that we did not sleep due to the situation and some rather “all about me” types behind us who talked at playground levels throughout the 7 hour flight.  When we landed we cleared customs and got our bags, migrated out to the lobby and met Oliver, our guide.  We hung around for 2 others on our tour and one showed up.  The other decided to cancel and never told anyone here in Iceland.  We loaded up and drove the 30 minutes into Reykjavik to meet the rest of our group.  We all loaded into the bus and headed out.

BANG.  Iceland hit me in the eyes.  Different lava features than I am used to.  Light and clouds jumping around.  Vast views and occasional peaks.  We stopped at some hot spring/mud pot features and then made our way to Skogarfoss waterfall.  This is a falls that I have seen photographs of for years and knew what I wanted when got out of the bus.  Di and the rest of the group headed to the top and I headed for the river.

So, here are a few prelim shots from our fist day.  Dinner awaits and then the pleasure of a down comforter and what we hope will be a good night sleep.  We are at an old farm that has been converted into a hotel.  The view out our window is of a bay and cliffs where we hope to find puffins tomorrow.

Be well, all.  Thanks for traveling with us.


One thought on “July 14 – Day 1

  1. Are you smelling sulfur?
    The moss surrounding the falls is incredible- sure isn’t made that way in CO-ha,ha!!!
    Sleep well.

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