July 15 – day 2

No photos today. Trust me, there are photos but it is late and the images are downloading as we eat dinner. T’was another great day with mild temps this AM and a bit of light rain in the afternoon. We started the day with a visit to a wonder natural basalt arch with distant puffins. No close up shots of puffins. Great black beach, clean water, brilliant greens and blue skies. We ate lunch in a natural cave and our Icelandic hosts are going all out to cater to a diverse group.

This afternoon we drove through a massive lava field and over terminal moraines. We ended the day with a 2 hour hike across a moraine to a glacial lagoon with many icebergs. After the hike we boarded an amphibious vehicle and went for a 35 minute tour of the lagoon and tasted 1000 year old ice. We are staying in a new hotel with a view of a massive ice field and glaciers.

Tomorrow is our biggest day of hiking…. 9 hours with 3000 ft. gain. The promise is for epic glacial views and waterfalls.

We’ll do our best to get images up as we can

Be well, all.


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