Vigorous and fresh landscapes

I came away from Iceland humbled and amazed.  Iceland is a fairly small country geographically but it is very large in terms of landscape.  We hiked uphill into Eyjafjallajökull – the volcano that disrupted international air travel in 2010.  All around us was 2 year old lava. The edges of the rock are sharp and spiny.  Holding a rock, the youngest volcanics I’ve ever held, left small indentations on my skin and caught on the mesh of my jacket pocket.   Mist rose from the lava flow as the rain made its way into the cracks.  The graphic quality of the scene overwhelmed me and I paused to register the view in my mind and in the camera.  The group walked ahead of me to climb the central vent site of this volcano.  It was cold, wet and fresh.  The land, the wind, the rain and the small hikers on the mid-ground ridge all asserted themselves on my senses.  People invest their energy to explore Iceland but the landscape swallows them.  I felt small in the context of this mountain but large in appreciation for the experience. Iceland can be stark, raw, mysterious and beautiful within one view.  Many more to come.


3 thoughts on “Vigorous and fresh landscapes

  1. Great commentary to go with a great image, Bruce. I also liked very much the framing effects: they fit the scene (and commentary’s tone!) perfectly. We’re really looking forward to seeing many, many more of these.

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