Years ago Dianne and I went to the wedding of one of Dianne’s co-workers, Tracy.  What a wonderful event that was.  Since that time Dianne has worked with and for Tracy in a variety of jobs.  We got to know Taylor, Traci’s and Mike’s first daughter several years ago.  Then came Sage, daughter number two.  I’ve commented to Tracy that I would love the opportunity to photograph her daughters and was thrilled when she called to ask that we shoot Taylor’s high school senior photos.  We arranged a pre-shoot meeting and talked over what they wanted and what I hoped to achieve.  Today we ventured out to the east side esplanade on the Willamette River and then into the Pearl district to photograph Taylor.  She was patient and willing to give any suggestion a try.  It was a warm and windy day and the clouds we had hoped for did not linger nearly long enough.  We hunted shade and Taylor accepted any challenge we threw at her.  Tracy handled a hair light, Dianne ran the main and Taylor’s boyfriend, Brian, handled a reflector when asked.  I love it when everyone works to make a model appear at their best.

I have not put the final touches on any of these photos but they jumped out at me when Di and I reviewed the set this evening.  I’ll be interested to see which images Taylor and family select and will not be surprised if they are totally different from the images below.

Thanks Taylor, Tracy and Brian.  We really enjoyed the time with  you.











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