Columbia River sunrise

I’ve been waiting to visit the Columbia River around the Corbett exit until the water went down and a row of pilings was exposed.  My friend Eric and I headed out early this morning to see what the sunrise would bring.  Turns out that the water was really low and we were wading in muck to get out near the water edge.  My original thought was to photograph the setting full moon over the pilings but I misjudged the actual time of moonset… should have been there yesterday.  While I took a few shots looking west to the moon the real action was to the east as the sun came up.  Of course, the row of pilings was backlit and almost silhouette-like.  A little bit of help from Nik painted onto the pilings helped to bring them out a bit against the sunrise glow.

It was a fun morning out with a friend who enjoys his time behind the camera as much as I do.  I can’t wait to see his favorite images from today.


2 thoughts on “Columbia River sunrise

  1. Really sweet comp Bruce, awesome shot! I love the detail on the pilings especially. Well done! Great crystal clear reflection too. Thanks for an enjoyable morning out to this great location!

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