Fernhill – Take 2

I had another day with the rental lens and headed back to Fernhill this morning.  It started raining as I drove west but I knew I had the camera rain coat in the car and decided to press on.  My goal was to revisit the site where Eric and I saw some Lesser Goldfinches to see if I could get some of these small, quick, hyper birds recorded.  I dressed the camera up and walked out to the brush where we’d seen the birds.  They were there and spooked as I came into the area.  I found what I thought was a decent vantage for the area and set up and proceeded to wait.  After about 15 minutes the birds started to come back in to feed on the seeds and weeds.  Just as I was about to get shot #1 a guy jogged by and the birds took off.  OK, we wait some more.  About 5 minutes later the birds are back and here comes the jogger’s daughter… off the birds go.  Aaaaaarrrrggghh.  10 minutes later the birds are back, far away and hidden in the dense weeds.  I wait and hope that they will move closer and be less obscured by the weeds.  Just as things were looking good the guy jogger returns…. REALLY?  We start over, me and the birds.  The birds come in and I figure that soon the younger lady will be coming by… sure enough.  She pants on by and hardly looks up at this frustrated but understanding photographer.  I’m telling myself that surely they are gone now and hope that noone else is coming along as the birds return one more time.  This time I get some relatively clean shots but all are at ISO 1600 to get f/5.6 and 1/500th second.  99.9% of the shots are trash.  Here’s one of the 5 keepers from the time spent standing in the rain and learning patience.  The lens continues to pass the test by the way.


3 thoughts on “Fernhill – Take 2

  1. Photographing birds can be a trial, Bruce, as well you know. You have many, many, many gorgeous shots with the lens you have had all these years. Just think about that. Having said that, what it sounds like to me you are talking about is convenience (weight, length, speed of aim) and quality. Those all certainly play a major contribution to getting great bird shots. I say just go for it! Or, alternatively, get yourself a pair of drop-dead wonder binoculars or a scope!

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