This is going to take time

My images from the trip to New Mexico with Eric are finally on the master disk and cataloged in Lightroom.  I had not even really looked at the images from White Sands National Monument so I scrolled down and found a couple that I like.  I’m torn between the color and black-white versions of these images but thought I’d start with the BW ones.

White Sands is an amazing place.  Eric and I got there during an epic wind storm and my images from the afternoon and evening shoot show it.  Even mounted on a firm tripod and weighted down with a pack the camera vibrated.  While the images are not critically sharp they are “serviceable”.  The images posted in this blog entry were taken the next morning.  Eric and I were the first ones at the gate and waited for the guy with the key to let us in… all the time watching the light get brighter and the sun get higher.  Once we got in we parked and set off to the west in search of photo compositions.  The winds the night before had nicely swept all the footprints from the dunes and we had an open canvas from which to choose.  The winds were light to calm,  I was in beautiful light at a beautiful place with a good friend who kept me pacing and shooting.  Many, many more images to come from this trip.  Please stay tuned.





2 thoughts on “This is going to take time

  1. First. We have a recurring article in our local paper about brushes with fame. I am truly sorry your granddaughter and daughter-in-law instead had to have a “brush with infamy.” It is, and it was, senseless. From all reports, it sounds as though even those that knew the shooter are bewildered by the turn of events. I don’t know whether it’s simply that we are more keenly aware of the senseless, or that in fact there is more of it….both, I suspect. I hope that your loved ones are able to take away something — positively — life-transforming from the experience.

    As I write this, there is a female Anna’s HB less than three feet away from me, drinking at a feeder just outside the window…wonderful! I do look forward to seeing what you were able to shoot at the NWR!!

    In the meantime, I really like your shots of the White Sands! I keep trying to find some time I can drag Deigh when the coastal weather will be ideal to get some early morning dunes shots here at the Oregon Coast. It’s shots such as yours that I hope to get. I particularly like the first shot in this posting…the angularity and composition are particularly striking!

    Look forward to seeing more!

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