Bosque and White Sands – Initial screening of top 20

There is a small risk in presenting a collection called “top of ____ ” but the exercise of filtering through a library of images and critiquing their quality or value is a good thing to do.  Plus, I can always change my mind and add to or subtract from the group.  With that in mind I present the first group of 20 “finalists” from the trip to New Mexico.  Some of these have already appeared in the blog.. many have not.

I am very aware that the images that strike me as “postable” will not all hit the mark with you.  Certainly, Eric will have a different sense of the images since he was there at the moment and has the advantage of knowing the backstory of the shots and being able to remember how it looked and felt to him at the time.  For the rest of you my hopes are that you wil find some sense of beauty in the land and the birds and the light.  It might help if you cackle like a goose as you view the Bosque images and make strong wind sounds while looking at the images from White Sands National Monument… no one is looking… go ahead.

Feel free to click on any of the images for a larger view.

The first night we arrived we witnessed a great sunset. This is the only sunset color we got while visiting the Bosque del Apache



Sunrise flyout



Early morning flyout. The geese decided to come off the water in small groups rather than one large spectacular mass.



Sunrise color as we wait for flocks of geese to join those on the water and then the major flyout… hopefully.



One of the three images I wanted to obtain was a full frame swarm of sharp beaks and eyes and blurry wings. This is about as close as I came. Not completely full of birds and no real blur to show motion but not bad for shooting into a group a couple of hundred yards away.



Post-sunset shot as the cranes came into the major pond in the refuge.



Perhaps my favoirite shot of all. The bright grass in the background and the cranes feeding and establishing position for the night make the photo for me. I hear there may some pink in the photo too….hope so.



About 35,000 of these birds entertained us while we were at the Bosque

Sandhill cranes… the megafauna stars



Long-billed dowitcher






Loggerhead shrike – a first for me



Norther shoveler



White Sands National Monument, Alamogordo, New Mexico. One of the most unique places on our continent.



Sharp ridges and sidelit ripples… magic



A strong wind during our evening shoot at White Sands meant tyring to protect the gear from fine sand (good luck with that!) and shaky images.



Yucca and sand shortly after sunrise. It’s hard to imagine how these hardy plants can survive in what seems to be a sterile, highly mobile media…. blowing sand.



curving yucca



2 thoughts on “Bosque and White Sands – Initial screening of top 20

  1. This is a tough choice Bruce as they are all so expertly done. I still am really drawn to the B&W in the White Sands area and I like the norhter shoveler duck – he looks like is on a mission. Unique view for sure.

  2. The one you earmarked as your possible favorite of the Bosque was mine, as well. I think its appeal for me is that it seems so representative of those landscapes. The killdeer shot is prettyt cool, too…at the risk of anthropomorphism, it just looks like she’s admiring herself in a full body mirror. But I have to agree with Deigh that my very favorites are the ones from White Sands. I’m drawn to dunes shots in the first place, and during these dreary NW winter days, the contrast of the deep blue skies is spectacular.

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