Happy New Year

There was time for one more trip to Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge before we jump forward a year.  Even with other people in the area it is nice to be able to park along the side of the road, roll down a window and just listen to the sounds of the birds… cranes, herons, swans… they all called out as they went about their business.  The swans were tucked in and napping.  There seemed to be more red-tailed hawks and harriers than on recent visits.  The herons were out in force and one egret was seen as I started loop 1 and not seen again.  I got to watch a kestrel torment photographers by flying away about 5 seconds after the car stopped and the driver tried to gain focus.  I can’t count the number of times that’s happened to me.  I enjoyed watching the vole population decline as a group fo 6 herons moved through a field.  It seemed that they were having greater success than I’ve seen recently… the herons, that is.

The weather was overcast and flat light.  I took a flash and the Better Beamer along but I need to practice with that thing.  I kept smacking it into the window frame… a tight fit.  Exposures sure improved but the mechanics of the operation leave a lot to be desired.

All in all, it was a relaxing few loops of my favorite local wildlife refuge.  As I readied to go it started snowing.  I opted for one more lap thinking that the snow would certainly create some different situration than I’ve seen before.  Being humans, most people made a bee line for the exit and home.  My last lap was nearly by myself and I enjoyed watching the snow land on teasel and the road ahead.  As I came near the end of the loop I saw a heron working nearby and settled in to try some shots.

I’ll leave you all with a final shot from Ridgefield and on the blog for 2012.  We’ll see how this goes as I move into 2013.  Thanks for taking time to visit and respond (or not).  It’s been a good year.



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