Adapting to change

Less than 2 weeks and my SmugMug website will be history.  No more.  Bye bye.  I am likely to move to a new host soon that offers the same services at half the price.  I have been loading it up and learning my way around the settings to get to a point where I like the appearance.  If everything goes well anyone who accesses my site will not find an “Error 404”.  The new site should point to the same URL as soon as I make the hookup at the domain host.  So, that’s one big change that I am adapting to.

Another big change is that I am using Google+ more and more.  I like the organization and image presentation even if I dislike the current need for repetitive posting to different communities and “circles”.  For those of you who are NOT on Google+ I can understand why this may be a frustration.  This blog will continue as is.  Right now it does not appear that I can link the blog to Google+ like I did to Facebook but I’m exploring to see if that is possible.  Bottom line to blog visitors is that you will not see any change.  I find that I am adding more photos over at Google+ than I do on this blog so if you really want to see photos it may be worth a bit of time to set up a Google ID and access Google+.  I know, I know….. at least one ID is all that is needed.  Please let me know if I can be of help.

Here are two of the images that I’ve posted in various places on Google+.  I REALLY hope that Google+ does not turn into another Flickr “group hug” site.  People have an opportunity to “+1” a photo if they like it .. equivalent to a “like” in Facebook.  I’m happy if  they do that but would really prefer it if they provided a bit of information about WHY they like the photo (or don’t) than just say stuff like “marvelous”, “wow”, “awesome”.  Just me I suppose although my friends who are Flickr users know my feelings on this.

Both of these photos are from my recent visit to the Bandon, Oregon area.  I’m watching for HIGH tide information for the Shore Acres area and will be making a beeline to the area as soon as I see a 20+ foot forecast.  I’ll probably head that way at 15 feet knowing me.




One thought on “Adapting to change

  1. I can’t wait to see your new site Bruce. If the two images here were posted on Flickr, I’d favorite the black and white photo for sure, and comment that I absolutely LOVE the creamy clouds 😉 Very nice. As is the Cape Arago image.

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