A brief visit to the Gorge

I originally planned to pass through Hood River, Oregon enroute to Pasco, Washington to participate in an operation to band Burrowing owls on the McNary National Wildlife Refuge.  I was to deliver a print to a friend who is giving as a retirement gift to a fellow I used to work with.  Well, the Burrowing owl operation got postponed but I went to Hood River to deliver the print anyway.  It was a chance to see some good friends and just hang out in the Gorge a bit.  The camera gear came along.

I made contact with my friends and left the print for the evening ceremonies.  I agreed to come back later to have lunch with a couple of really good friends in the group.  I left the meeting and headed down to the riverfront park in Hood River to see if I could get a decent view up or down the Gorge.  I was thinking “long exposure” since the clouds had settled in and the light was dull.  The view down the Gorge was interesting but the low clouds obscured some of the remote ridges that I know are there.  I figured I’d give it a look after lunch and see if the rains had let up and the view had opened up.

Returning after lunch I found light, spotty rain and variable views down gorge.  I opted to set the camera up inside my car and experiment a bit.  Even with the camera inside I was getting sprinkles on the lens.  I’d wipe it off and keep on taking photos.  You never really know what you have until you see the images on a computer screen so I was hoping that the cloud layers would be interesting with exposures between 30 seconds and 2 minutes.  The image below is my favorite of the bunch but, as usual, I can want more.  I think this view could be very interesting if the distant hills and ridges were not so vague due to the clouds.  An early morning light pouring down canyon into the view could be just what is needed.  Or maybe some nice clouds lit up at sunset or dusk.  Since we go past Hood River quite a bit we’ll have more chances to give it a go.



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