Pine siskin

It was cold and rainy out today so I set the camera up near the bird feeders again and hooked up the CamRanger for another session.  I put the camera about 10 feet from the perch material and went back inside to the warmth of a cup of coffee.  The birds came back to the feeder quickly and I waited until one landed somewhere in the frame.  This Pine siskin cooperated quite well and stayed in place for about 5-10 seconds so I could refine focus (tap tap) and catch a few images.  This may be the best bird photo I’ve ever taken.  The clarity I’m getting using the CamRanger and Live View on the camera is stunning.  This image was shot at ISO 4000 and has a bit of Noiseware applied.  That’s pretty much it for processing other than a bit of cropping and border creation.



The tech:  D800, 300 mm f/4 lens, ISO 400, 1/800 at f/5.6

2 thoughts on “Pine siskin

  1. Bruce, great shot of this Pine Siskin, my friend! Your remote set up is similar to that of the photographer on the National Geogrpahic program, Birds of Paradise, except that he had to climb a hundred feet up into a tree in the jungle to set up his camera. 🙂 Awesome perch and background, too!

  2. Stellar shot Bruce! It’s a home run for sure. The creamy background is great, but the detail of the distant trees reflected in the siskin’s eye is so sharp! A testament to the CamRanger, but more to your skill.

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