Following blogs – a quick thought and recommendation

I don’t know about you but I follow about 60 blogs online.  I know, I know… why would I do that?  Well, because I use them for inspiration, education and just for fun.  

Now, at face value, you might think that it is a real pain to load each blog each day just to see if content has changed.  If I did that I probably would not follow more than 5 to 10 blogs.  Many of the blogs I watch are updated sporadically – like my blog is.  If you have to use bookmarks to load a blog and then find that there is no new content you burn time needlessly.  But there is a much easier way to be notified of any updated content on any blog you might like to follow.  I used to use Google Reader but, since it is soon to be retired, I switched to a FREE online feed reader named… wait for it…. Feedly (  Feedly works on normal web browsers as well as mobile devices.  I use it mostly from an iPad and only occassionally from a desktop computer or my phone.

When Google announced that they were stopping Reader there was a mad search for a replacement and Feedly got a bit overwhelmed.  That’s a sign that it was a viable substitute for the masses of folks being abandoned by loss of Reader.  Feedly responded quickly to the demand and is now a fairly mature service that works well and I recommend it for anyone who tracks more than 10 blogs.  It’s simple to set up and add content.  You can organize feeds into categories.  I use categories like “Photographers I follow”, “Photoshop”, “Long Exposure” and “Friends”.  It’s clean.  It’s quick.  It works.

My current Feedly Organize screen is shown below.


The beauty is that when you visit the site you get a clean presentation of any new blog content.  You can also access the entire set of blogs for any given site if you want to browse backwards through time.

I’d suggest that you take a look at Feedly and see if it would work for you.  Makes my day a lot easier.  Just thought I’d pass it along for anyone who may benefit.



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