Oh, for a cloud!

Dianne and I decided to take a run up to Larch Mountain last night to refresh our memories of the view.  Next month may present a full moon rising behind Mt. Hood at sunset… a shot I’ve wanted for years.  I went with intent to scope out the view and get familiar with lens choice and to see what kind of challenges might crop up.  I know that smoke from forest fires will likely be a factor that could spoil the whole thing.  Then again it might actually add some unique characher if it is laying low.  Time will tell.

We got to the top of Larch and found several others already there.  One man with a tripod but a lot of cameras ranging from cell phones to DSLRs.  We set up and proceeded to get some shots.  I was sure wishing for some cloud texture to grab some color and add some character to the otherwise boring sky.  It’s always something…



As we left we stopped to admire the view to the north.  The view of Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainer, along with Mt. Adams, was too much to pass by so out came the camera and the tripod legs got extended again.  I decided that the span of all three mountains was too much and that each would be diminished in size too much if I did a single shot of all three.  We talked about how this is the location at which I took one of my very first digital images.  That shot of Mt. St. Helens was made at sunrise.  This time I included Mt. Rainer simply because we don’t see it that often.



It was a grand night out in country that always impresses us with its beauty and character.  We drove home feeling good about getting out for a short hike and planning for another session that could be spectacular… if we don’t load up with smoke from fires.  Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Oh, for a cloud!

  1. Lovely evening with awesome photo opportunities. As always Bruce captured the beauty of the evening. Love the northwest landscape in the summer!!

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