Great way to start the day – Post #400

I sat on our couch at dusk last night and shot several dozen shots of an Anna’s hummingbird perching outside our kitchen door.  The bird would fly off to catch an insect and immediately fly back to the perch.  It was really entertaining to watch the bird on our iPad as the camera sat about 10 feet away from the perch and appeared unattended to the bird.  It acclimated to the sound of the shutter quickly.  As the light lowered to a point where I was shooting at ISO 6400 I knew the night of shooting was over.  It had been a lot of fun and I learned a bit about the bird’s biology/behavior.

When I loaded the files onto the computer all the RAW files were unreadable.  GULP.  All I had were the small JPG files that the CamRanger application accessess to allow review within the app.  I could not get any of the RAW files to open in any program I use to process RAW Nikon files.  I went to bed knowing that I’d face a bit of a trouble shooting exercise today.  When I woke I set the camera up in our kitchen and started taking a series of controlled shots of a rose in our yard.  All I wanted to do was test the camera settings to see if I could determine why the RAW files were being a problem.  As I was shooting I noticed that one of the juvenile Anna’s hummingbirds was back at the feeder and using the perch material I installed there.  Just like last night only now the camera was further away and the shooting angle was not ideal for the background.  I figured that I need to test the CamRanger setup as part of my process to solve the RAW situation so I hooked it back up, composed on the perch and shot several shots of this bird as it landed and preened.  Over and over.  “Fish in a barrel” comes to mind.  Not much of a challenge but the results of using Live View and the CamRanger device produce some of the sharpest images I’ve ever taken.  That in itself is a good lesson.  If I want really sharp I guess I need to be “hands off” if at all possible.  Good to know.  The other good info this morning is that the RAW files are just fine.  I have no idea why they were corrupt last night and this is just another instance where the camera conspires to make me check settings, adjust, tune and hope that all is well.  Time will tell.





2 thoughts on “Great way to start the day – Post #400

  1. Awesome hummer shots, Bruce! Your RAW file scare reminded me of when my new 5DM3 started giving me corrupt raw files a few weeks after I bought it. I finally narrowed it down to the camera– not a software error. Amazon was amazing and took the camera back and gave me a new one even after their 30 day return policy had expired. No problems since but it is an unsettling feeling, that’s for sure!

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