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Our friend Jon Brazier is visiting for a few days, ostensibly to copy many family photos as digital files.  We got that work done yesterday so we’ve been roaming around and hiking in a variety of areas to look at birds, nature, people.  It’s really a shame that the government shutdown kept us out of the National Wildlife Refuges but we found decent options to visit.  We were sure glad to see that the shut down did not mean all the water in Eagle Creek as we hiked the short distance to Metlako Falls this morning.  We were racing the sun to get to the view before the sun lit up the canyon.  I was pleasantly surprised when we came around one trail corner and I saw the canyon had low fog laying in it.  The image I had envisioned or hoped to capture was of the waterfall, still leaves wtih color, drifting fog above the falls and a long expousure of the actual falls.  Bingo.  I shot and shot as the sun worked its way closer to the waterfall.  I kept waiting for the fog to light up with some directional light.  Didn’t happen the way I hoped it would as the fog dissapated as the sun came down the canyon wall.  I’m still pleased that there was no wind and the fog and long exposure all worked as hoped for.  Many other images to evaluate but this one works for now.

Metlako Falls, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
Metlako Falls, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

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