Happy Thanksgiving

Here in the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving to say thanks for all we have.  We know that not everyone is equally fortunate and that this time of year can be a trial for many who are down and out for one reason or another.  We’ve made our donations to support causes we feel are most direct in their help to people who just need a good meal or a warm, dry place to sleep.  We do what we can.

In America the marketeers celebrate this season with an onslaught of “get out there and buy things” ads that assault our radios and TVs.  Store aisles are tighter with add-in shelves to hold “more stuff” that someone needs.  Black Friday now starts on Thursday so those who love mashing elbows and knees in crowded malls can extend their impulse buying.  Can you tell where I stand on this stuff?  I really do wonder if many Americans really view Thanksgiving as a time to rejoice, share and acknowledge just how good we have it.  My overt cynical side thinks that many just look at it as the green flag dropping on shopping insanity.  Whew… I feel better.



Dianne and I know just how fortunate we are.  We have a wonderful family that includes people doing wonderful things for society.  When someone asks me how my family is I usually smile widely and follow up with “how much time do you have?”  We know that for 44 years together we have celebrated each other, our health and the fact that our kids (and theirs) are giving members of society.  If you could see my face right now I’d be screaming “PRIDE” at you.  We are so grateful for all our friends and for the times we share.  Looking forward comes naturally to us and we can’t wait to hug our family tomorrow, share great food and toast a robust life.  Yes, we know exactly how forturnate we are.  Thank you all.


2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Bruce. The family should be the cornerstone of our lives and too many folks lose sight of that. I can feel if not see your pride. Enjoy the day.

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