Purse puppy

It’s no secret that I have been spending time at Commonwealth Lake Park recently.  I’ve visited the park almost daily to wander the path in search of birds.  In the process I find that I am meeting people and finding other “regulars” who show up to get exercise and enjoy what the park offers.  I’ve run into a retired couple who are avid birders and always are fun to talk to.  I talked at length with a volunteer who pays more attention to the grounds than the birds.  Two days ago I met a lady who had just bought binoculars and was learning how to use them.  While that may sound a bit silly, getting used to high power optics can take some practice.  We talked and compared our binocs and she learned a few birds in the process.  And then there are the regulars who are there for exercise.  They typically have headsets embracing their ears and their pace seems much faster than more casual visitors.  We sometimes make eye contact and say “hi” but mostly they just move on by lost in their own thoughts and world.  One fellow I see frequently has a routine where he stops at each observation deck and does what I think is a bit of Tai Chi… all the time chanting.  Yesterday I saw him walking down the path with a small fur ball of a dog on a leash.  He was dragging a long, thin stick behind as they walked along.  Interesting.  He made several laps of the lake while I dawdled along glassing birds with binocs or my camera.  As I was leaving the park I noticed him coming toward me one last time but the dog was not there and the stick was gone.  Hmmmmm.  As he passed me I started to chuckle as I saw this..Purse Puppy

He was still chanting but the stick was gone and the dog had convinced him that its little legs had had enough.  It’s always fun to watch people.

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