It’s a start

Before I forget let me say that it is warm and humid.  I’m going to need to take a gallon of water each day to stay up with the loss.  Right now, waiting on the patio for the restaurant to open, it is a wonderful temperature with a light wind.  We are sitting here looking at a great conical volcano and know that the lights will go out early for us tonight.  I hope I make it through dinner.

We hiked most of the trails in the area today with the exception of 2.  We’ll likely get to them tomorrow.  In between outings and exploration I started the quest for the hummingbird photo collection.  Today was about technique.  I messed with natural light and with flash.  Shooting with lovely flowers as props is a treat.  I may get used to the pattern of the birds as they work a garden.  I’ll have time.  I thought I’d leave you with one image from today.  I know that the wings aren’t totally sharp (who cares, really) and that the background is pretty darn bright…it’s a lawn along the path to our room.  I will try for more pleasing backgrounds as I learn.  Please, don’t ask me what the species is…I’ll try to do that later.  If you know and want to leave the ID in the comments I would appreciate the help.  I know I saw at least 5 species today but I can’t say I have good photos of all of them.  Hopefully I will become more proficient before we head back home.



3 thoughts on “It’s a start

  1. A photographers paradise! I’m looking forward to more of your images from your wonderful vacation.

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