Portland waterfront

I have been working to learn the ins-and-outs of the Fujifilm X-T1 camera and am gaining confidence in it each time I pick it up.  It’s a remarkable little bit of gear and I understand now why it is so popular.  Since I had not tested it in low light or with long exposures I jumped at the chance that Eric Vogt offered me when he called to see if I’d be interested in going downtown to shoot sunset.  I charged a couple of batteries and packed the camera, 2 lenses and the tripod for the shoot.  We headed for the eastside esplanade which offers a nice view of downtown Portland across the Willamette River.  We arrived in plenty of time to catch the sunset and set up our gear and framed our compositions.  Eric, who is known for his enthusiasm when out with a camera, has been trained (OK, I asked him nicely once) to let me know when the colors are “nice” or “pretty”.  I don’t see the subtle pinks and reds or oranges and Eric provides a sense of reality for me.  He did this last night and, at one point, told me that the sunset had to be one of the best color situations he’d seen from the waterfront.   I trust him and shot away.

I am working on a blog post that needs some quality control before I post it here.  So… this post is NOT about the peak color we saw and photographed although the color in the photo below seems pretty nice to me.  This photo was taken late after sunset and just prior to our packing it in for the night.  Neither of us had seen the abandoned boat hull before and I thought it added a nice balance to the colors in the foreground as well as anchoring the bottom of the frame.  This is a 30 second exposure at f/16, ISO 200.   I think the little camera has a future for me.

Portland, Oregon


3 thoughts on “Portland waterfront

  1. Sure looks like the camera is producing – great shot. Would be interesting to see how it compares with the Nikon.

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