100 Birds – #3

I knew this was going to happen.  I had nearly all 100 bird photos selected for presentation and then this California quail wanders into the backyard the other evening.  Dianne and I were sitting on the patio enjoying the setting sun as the covey of quail made their way along and under the fence and into view. We get quail in the yard frequently in the morning and evening.  We enjoy their call and antics as they scurry around scratching the grass like chickens looking for food. We hope to see young ones soon but no such luck as of this entry.

I’ve learned that it is wise to keep the camera nearby as we closeout the day on the patio.  One never knows what bird may show up long enough to get a shot.  The same night that this was shot a new hummingbird came to our feeder … that will be #4 in the sequence.

So, the backstory on this bird is pretty simple.  Sit on your patio with a glass of nice red wine and wait for the birds to wander to within about 25 feet of your lens.  Click, click.  Sweet.

Fuji X-T1, 100-400.20160418_175050__DSF0345-Edit


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