“Will work for food”

You may have seen me in a local Borders store recently.  I was the one with the cup of coffe and a stack of food magazines and cooking books.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking at food photos in preparation for what turned out to be just an amazing photo session of… wait for it…. raw food.  I know…. you’re thinking “carrots”.  Right?  Well, yes, carrots were involved but there is SO much more.  Andrea, owner of PhytoFoods showed up at our house with a friend, Savonn, in tow.  After hauling a variety of boxes of food, dishes, knives and assorted kitchen ware to the house Andrea, Savonn and Dianne set about preparing a variety of dishes to photograph.  Now, before you turn away let me encourage you to spend some time looking at a book like “Raw Food, Real World” or “Entertaining in the Raw”.  Both can be found on the shelves of mainstream bookstores.  Outrageous photos occupy the pages.  The food just begs to be eaten.  Get over the idea that every food item needs to be boiled, baked or seared.  Once you’ve tasted dishes like Andrea and other master chefs prepare out of raw foods you’ll understand how nutrition and flavor can be enhanced and satisfying.  My goal was to try to do the foods justice in the photos.  I think that all four of us were pleased as we sat back to enjoy some of the dishes – strawberry pie and key lime pie specifically – as we ran through a slide show of the images.  At one point Savonn giggled through a mouthful of chard wrap and announced “yes, I will work for food”.  She did.  We all did.  Enjoy.